Woodlot Raised Pork

$50.00 Half (deposit)

Old Fashion pork raised in the wood on natures harvest and corn free feed to give a superior flavor and texture.

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Woodlot Raised Pork, Halves and Whole

Our Pigs

  • Our pigs are old time heritage breed pigs, with marbling in the meat and lots of flavor.
  • The flavor of the meat is enhanced by the foraging that the pigs do in the woods on roots, plants, and fruits and nuts from trees.
  • Our feed is a non-corn, barley-based feed to give the meat a firmer texture and more flavor.


  • Pigs average 60-75 lbs. per half.
  • Price is $2.50 per pound plus processing.
  • The pigs will be processed at Lonsdale Country Meats in July
  • The processing is custom, so you get the cuts that you want, and how you want them.
  • There is a $50 non-refundable deposit per half