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Goettl Grove

Managing landscapes with animals, through strategic grazing to provide a positive natural impact.

In 2016 we jumped at the chance to purchase a small parcel of land about 15 minuets from town.  It was overgrown, a bit neglected and trees were down from a tornado that went through years earlier.  We started grazing goats through the property as a cheap way to start the clean up of a giant mess.  We started our journey with 4 little dairy goats that my wife begrudgingly let me bring home.

It didn’t take long for the neighbors to notice our little furry friends along with the changes happening on our property, and they started asking questions. Before we knew it, we had people asking to rent our goats to run through their own property!

Through the years our numbers have increased along with our knowledge.  This has allowed us to not only clear properties, but also teach owners how to manage their own property more effectively. We strive for quality work, which has spread our name and given us opportunities to share our passion with others.

Though we started small, we have been able to grow from managing our simple 4 goat farm to managing rural properties, properties in the metro, city parks, and even native prairie restorations.  We see each project just as we see our goats; each is unique, each has its own personality, and with a little patience, the growth is truly amazing.

It has been a joy to transform people’s properties with our animals, and a blessing to have the opportunity to turn our hobby into a way of life.