Pastured Lamb, Halves and Whole



Lamb grown on pasture, not a feed lot.  We birth and grow our own lambs.   They are given some grain as a supplement, but have access to good pasture during the growing season.   The lambs grow a bit slower on pasture, but slow grown meat give it a chance to gain flavor and nutrients from the forage they are consuming.

We take our lambs to Odenthal meat at the end of October.   They are a high quality butcher, but they aren’t charging for their name, as other butchers might.

Lamb is only available as a half or whole, about 32lbs per half after processing.

Lamb is $2.50/lb live weight.  We weigh them before they go to the processor.  Once they are at the processor they will contact you on how you want your cuts.  Everything they do is custom so it fits your taste.  You will pick up your lamb from the butcher when it’s ready.

A nonrefundable deposit of $50 is required at the time of ordering.  Once the lamb is ready we will contact you and set up payment for the balance.