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Chicks are Arriving

Chicks will be arriving first week of April!

Wednesday March 15, is the final day to pre-order chickens at a discounted flat rate of $12 a bird.  This will allow you to have birds all summer long without taking up your freezer space for the whole summer.  Birds are delivered in allotments over the summer.

Example: if you ordered a 6 pack of chickens you would receive a package of two chickens a time at three different pick up days.

Sales are not ending after March 15, 2018 just the pre-order for bulk sales.  You can still order birds over the summer at our regular rates of $3/lb.

If you do not wish to order online feel free to contact me directly.

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Friends, Family, Those in Need of Good Chicken

Although it seems early to be thinking about spring, and green grass. It is time to think about how you want to get your chicken this year. Time is running out on pre-ordering chicken in order to get a great deal. All Chicken pre-ordered and paid in full by march 15, 2018, will receive chicken at a flat rate of $12 a chicken. This is the price of a 4 lb chick, but I will provide chickens to you in the range of 5 lbs for the same price. Chicken will also be available in smaller packages throughout the summer at the specified pick up dates. Make sure to take advantage of this offer. Chicken will still be available to order after this date, but you won’t be able to get it discounted.

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New: Bulk Pastured Chicken

The Holidays are over and the new year is upon us.  With the new year we are offering a new package for our pastured chicken.  We are offering a bulk chicken program.  Rather than getting one order of chicken a year and having it all at once, we are spacing out orders into three batches.   We are hoping that this will make it easier on you to be able to have access to our pastured chicken.  Order now for this summer


  • By prepaying you are able to get a cheaper whole chicken at a flat rate.  The price is based on a 4 pound chicken, but I will provide a chicken around 5 pounds for the same price.
  • By buying in bulk, the chicken will be available in three allotments to save freezer space.
  • Price: $12/bird – Price of the whole package is due by March 15, 2018


Full Family – 12 whole birds total, 4 per pickup date

Small Family – 9 whole birds, 3 per pick up

Happy Couple – 6 whole birds, 2 per pick up

Deposits are non-refundable once an order is placed.

Balance Due in full: March 15

Pick up dates

June 3, 2018

July 22, 2018

October 16, 2018


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Welcome to the Grove

Welcome to Goettl Grove.  We are a family Farmstead producing quality food and products for friends, family, neighbors, and you.  Check out our about section to find more about us.  We will be posting updates on our farm here and when products and services are available for you.  The site is just being built, but at the beginning of the year, 2018, we will be offering a new exciting option with our chickens.  Check back to be the first to know.

Thanks again for stopping out to the Grove, and come back soon.