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Now Taking Chicken orders

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Pastured Chicken    


Our chickens are pastured and moved daily to a fresh patch of ground.  They are fed a combination of non-medicated feed, and as many bugs and as much grass as they desire.  The chickens are nutrient dense due to their diet, and they have a richer taste and firmer texture.

Chickens finish at about 5 lbs.

Three Options, to Get Our Chicken

  1. Try a Chicken
    • One time only we are offering a single bird at an entry level cost of $10 with the submission of a personal email address to our email list
  2. Preorder any number
    • Preorder birds with a $5 deposit per bird in whatever quantity you would like at $3/lb. available at your choice of delivery date.
  3. Bulk Order
    • By prepaying you are able to get a cheaper whole chicken at a flat rate.  The price is based on a 4 pound chicken, but I will provide a chicken around 5 pounds for the same price.
    • By buying in bulk, the chicken will be available in three allotments to save freezer space.
    • Price: $12/bird – Price of the whole package is due by March 31
    • Any Amount of Chicken in multiples of 3. (3,6,9,12…etc)
    • Ex. Total Amount 6 preordered,      2 in June           2 in August              2 in October

Chicken will be available

  • Week of June 10, 2019
  • Week of August 12, 2019
  • Week of October 14, 2019