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My $500 is Running Down the Road…

The Goat Chronicles

Everyone who has goats has a story.  Some good, some not so good, but they are all memorable.  The Goat Chronicles are our’s.

It was time to find a new buck for our herd as we had lost Chewy.  After searching I came up with a Kiko buck, that looked quite majestic.  After a few messages back and fourth the day came to go check him out, and bring him home.  Upon seeing him, you could tell he was a king in his harem, and he didnt want to leave.  He was wild in there and it took three of us with a rope and a calf catcher to get ahold of him and load him on the trailer.  Already, I could tell it was going to be intereesting when we got home and had to unload him.  We ended up getting two other does from the herd and that seemed to calm him in the trailer.

Once we got home it was fairly easy to get a rope around the two does and get them into a stall.  As I walked back into the trailer I thought, this won’t be so bad, since he had just stood there while I brought the does out.  I was wrong.  As I got around the sort gate with a rope in hand, he made his move before I even had a chance to make mine.  He made a break for the sort gate that Nicole was trying to hold.  230lb charging goat vs. 120lb woman who was slipping on the straw to hold the gate.  He blew right through her best efforts to hold the gate and he was gone out the back, as the rear man was not sure what was going on and the tail gate was open.

Down the driveway he went, and headed straight for the goat barn, but was stopped by the fence that was up around the barn.  It should be easy now to corner and catch him, after all he wanted in the pen to find the girls we brought home with him.  We resituated ourselves and went at him with a goat catcher and two ropes between three of us.  He was as wise as his beard makes him look, and would not be fooled.  He bolted over the snow pile and then through the electric fence, which unknowingly to us, happened to be shorted out at the time, and headed out.  Nicole couldn’t believe I had convinced her to buy this Buck, which was now running away unimpeded by our fences.  She was beyond mad as she yelled, “There goes my $500, running away”, as he cut to the road for a quick get away.

Hot on his tail I was not going to loose him, you wouldn’t want to face your wife if you let her investment run away either, so I kept running.  I almost caught up to him running down the middle of our road. But, when he noticed I was there he put on the after burneres and took up and then cut into my neighbors yard.  Being farther behind I could see where he was headed and I cut him off around a snow pile as he throught about going between two sheds, so he charged into our neighbor’s three stall shop wtih quite alot of crashing, as objectes tumbled.

Mind you, I have never met this neighbor and he came out to find me standing in his garage, winded and staring at a goat in the back corner.  This garage was far from spotless as there were things everywhere and due to a drain not working and the snow melt, had standing water in it.  Quickly, saying “Hi, Nice to meet you I am Matt”, I was ready to make my move.  He was cornered finally, but there was no way he was going to let me near him and a wall of stuff was between us.  We stared at each other, waiting for the first one to make a move.  Eventually my dad wandered by wondering where we had gone.  The neighbor, who my dad thought was yelling at him for being in his yard, got his attention. He had the rope, which I got from him and  I made a loop to try and lassoe the goat.  Very uncowboy like, and after several tries got him lassoed, and wouldn’t you know it, he let me walk right up to him.

We were able to get him out of the garage and back home.  Walking him like a bizarre dog between the two of us right down the road and into the stall with his ladies, whom we hoped would keep him happy enough not to try andything else.  Come morning though, the latched stall was open and he was standing at the barn door watching over his new harem.


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Chicks are Arriving

Chicks will be arriving first week of April!

Wednesday March 15, is the final day to pre-order chickens at a discounted flat rate of $12 a bird.  This will allow you to have birds all summer long without taking up your freezer space for the whole summer.  Birds are delivered in allotments over the summer.

Example: if you ordered a 6 pack of chickens you would receive a package of two chickens a time at three different pick up days.

Sales are not ending after March 15, 2018 just the pre-order for bulk sales.  You can still order birds over the summer at our regular rates of $3/lb.

If you do not wish to order online feel free to contact me directly.

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Friends, Family, Those in Need of Good Chicken

Although it seems early to be thinking about spring, and green grass. It is time to think about how you want to get your chicken this year. Time is running out on pre-ordering chicken in order to get a great deal. All Chicken pre-ordered and paid in full by march 15, 2018, will receive chicken at a flat rate of $12 a chicken. This is the price of a 4 lb chick, but I will provide chickens to you in the range of 5 lbs for the same price. Chicken will also be available in smaller packages throughout the summer at the specified pick up dates. Make sure to take advantage of this offer. Chicken will still be available to order after this date, but you won’t be able to get it discounted.

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New: Bulk Pastured Chicken

The Holidays are over and the new year is upon us.  With the new year we are offering a new package for our pastured chicken.  We are offering a bulk chicken program.  Rather than getting one order of chicken a year and having it all at once, we are spacing out orders into three batches.   We are hoping that this will make it easier on you to be able to have access to our pastured chicken.  Order now for this summer


  • By prepaying you are able to get a cheaper whole chicken at a flat rate.  The price is based on a 4 pound chicken, but I will provide a chicken around 5 pounds for the same price.
  • By buying in bulk, the chicken will be available in three allotments to save freezer space.
  • Price: $12/bird – Price of the whole package is due by March 15, 2018


Full Family – 12 whole birds total, 4 per pickup date

Small Family – 9 whole birds, 3 per pick up

Happy Couple – 6 whole birds, 2 per pick up

Deposits are non-refundable once an order is placed.

Balance Due in full: March 15

Pick up dates

June 3, 2018

July 22, 2018

October 16, 2018